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Our CBD Freeze Gel is powerful and fast-acting! CBD topicals such as the CBD Freeze Gel, Moisturizing CBD Cream, and CBD Salve and CBD Massage Oil are great options for on-the-spot pain and inflammation relief. Perfect for sore muscles and joint pain, you can find all our topicals here. These liniments are excellent options and come in varying dosage quantities, ranging from 750mg (average strength), 1500mg (higher strength), and 3000mg (aggressive strength).

This topical is alcohol-based and dries quickly. For instance, compare to other popular ‘freezes’, this muscle freeze gel dries quickly without leaving residue. Experience a cooling experience that numbs the pain, followed by a warming sensation to relax it away.

Push down on the pump and start with a quarter size drop and apply more as needed. Apply to areas experiencing pain and/or inflammation. Avoid eyes and delicate areas.

Hemp Extract, Aloe Vera, Arnica, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil, Ilex Paraguariensis, Carbomer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Camphor, Aqua, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Triethanolamine

Will it get me high?
CBD is non-psychotropic and should not get you high.

Will it work for me?
CBD has not been approved by the FDA, so CBD companies cannot make health claims. However, the top reasons our customers cite for using CBD include pain, inflammation, anxiety, and problems sleeping.

750MG 1500MG 3000MG
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Compare to Biofreeze or Icy Hot, this muscle freeze gel dries quickly without leaving a residue. Aloe Vera, Arnica, Tea Tree Oil, and Menthol create a cooling sensation to numb pain, which is followed by a warming sensation to relax it away.

  • All CBD Freezes are 92ml (3 oz).
  • Lab Tested: 0.00% THC

750MG, 1500MG, 3000MG


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